Contact phone: 425.889.9192

Quick Facts

    • Charles Waite, Jr.
    • Gerard Langeler
    • Bill Funcannon
  • Investment Profile
  • Seattle, Washington area office:
    OVP Venture Partners
    1616 Eastlake Ave., E, Suite 208
    Seattle, WA 98102
    Tel: 425-889-9192
    Fax: 425-889-0152
    Portland, Oregon area office:
    OVP Venture Partners
    1 SW Columbia St, Suite 1675
    Portland, Oregon 97258
    Tel: 503-697-8766
    Fax: 503-697-8863
  • Funds Under Management
    Investment Focus
    Date Founded
    Total Companies
    # of Public Companies
    # of Acquisitions (By Public companies)
    Cleantech, digital biology and information technology.


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