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OVP invests in early stage companies in cleantech, digital biology and information technology. OVP partners take a board seat with every investment and are highly active in guiding each company. Our initial investment is typically $1M – $5M, growing to $8M – $15 million over the life of the deal. Out of more than 103 investments over 30 years, OVP has produced 25 IPOs and 35 acquisitions.

Current Portfolio

Cradlepoint Technology

Boise, ID Equipment and software for cellular and wireless communications
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Datasphere Technologies

Bellevue, WA Web technology and hyperlocal sales solutions
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Seattle, WA Addresses commercial and technical challenges of energy storage
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NanoString Technologies

Seattle, WA Bar coding systems for single molecules
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Boston, MA CO2 and CO catalysis technology
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Santa Clara, CA Security assurance software
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Bellevue, WA Pharmacy automation in hospitals and long-term care facilities
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Tigo Energy

Los Gatos, CA Hardware and software solutions making solar energy installations more efficient
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Carlsbad, CA Engineering metabolic pathways for converting renewable feedstocks into industrial chem
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